AOAC INTERNATIONAL hosted a free webinar to discuss various topics related to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in food packaging and other food contact materials from a regulatory perspective (US Federal, State, and EU), and current technology capabilities and analytical method challenges. Presentations were given by Luke Lindahl-Ackerman (US FDA), Thomas Gude (AOAC Europe Section President), Marinella Vitulli (Food Contact Center – Italy) and Keith Vorst (Iowa State University), along with some of our project supporters (Lorna De Leoz – Agilent Technologies, Alicia Stell – CEM Corporation, Holly Lee – SCIEX, Cynthia Grim – Thermo Fisher, Sarah Dowd – Waters, and Uwe Opperman from Shimadzu Europe). A big thank you to all our supporters for this initiative: Abbott, Agilent, CEM Corporation, Eurofins, Nestle, SCIEX, Shimadzu Europe, ThermoFisher, and Waters

The webinar, originally held May 6, 2024, is available in the AOAC bookstore for free. (Correct slide for Keith Vorst’s presentation.) Join the advisory panel and get involved.