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As we continue to bring people together to fulfill our mission, we are poised to move into the future with new plans, new partnerships and new ideas. I invite you to explore our website and attend our meetings as we forge ahead with this ever-changing and exciting work!

Jonathan J. Goodwin
Interim Executive Director
January 2018

The 2018 Annual Meeting & Exposition will be in Toronto, Canada. Start planning early and get your passport. Depending on your citizenship, you may need a visa.

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 Call for Methods: Kava (4/20/2018)  
 Call for Methods: Turmeric (4/20/2018)  
 Call for Methods: Chondroitin (4/20/2018)  
 Call for Methods: Protein (4/20/2018)  
 Call for Methods: Lutein (4/20/2018)  
 Call for Methods: PDE5 Inhibitors (4/20/2018)  
 Call for Methods: Kratom (4/20/2018)  
 Call for Methods: Free Amino Acids (4/20/2018)  
 Call for Methods: Tea (4/20/2018)  
 Call for Methods: Skullcap (4/20/2018)  

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The Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL publishes basic and applied research in the analytical sciences related to foods, drugs, agriculture, and the environment and that present, within these fields of interest of the Association: unpublished original research; new methods; further studies of previously published methods; background work leading to development of methods; compilations of authentic data of composition; technical communications; cautionary notes; comments on techniques, apparatus, and reagents; and invited reviews and features. Emphasis is on research and development of precise, accurate, sensitive methods for analysis of foods, food additives, supplements and contaminants, cosmetics, drugs, toxins, hazardous substances, pesticides, feeds, fertilizers, and the environment.

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