Editorial Board Chair

Dr. Steven Dentali is a botanical science professional with over 30 years of post-graduate experience gained working in the herbal/botanical supplement industry. He has served in vertically integrated farm operations and corporate roles as the most senior botanical science team member as well as the senior scientist in a national herbal trade association. Recognized as a key opinion leader and subject matter expert, Dr. Dentali has helped guide the establishment of shared botanical standards via engagement in governmental and educational standard-setting organizations, including the American Botanical Council, the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia, AOAC INTERNATIONAL, the International Aloe Science Council, the US National Institutes of Health, NSF/ANSI, the US Pharmacopeial Convention, and the Canadian government.

In the corporate environment, Steven served as Senior Director of Botanical Sciences for Rexall Sundown where he evaluated new botanical product concepts for safety and efficacy, guided corporate development of botanical expertise in quality assurance and operations while maintaining a close working relationship with legal. In his roles as VP Botanical Sciences and Research Fellow at Herbalife, Steven developed a comprehensive interdepartmental, interorganizational, multicenter research plan for one of Herbalife’s top three botanical ingredients, and routinely provided botanical science solutions for marketing, operations, legal, regulatory, quality, and purchasing departments.

As a reviewer for basic science grants for the US National Institutes of Health, Steven helped initiate a national product integrity policy and oversaw its application for two years. As a 15-year USP volunteer, Steven was the primary driving force behind the development of nomenclature guidelines for titling supplement ingredients. As CSO for the American Herbal Products Association for 11 years, Steven became well practiced at serving scientific, quality, and regulatory industrial issues by providing botanical ingredient specific expertise. Steven’s leadership is critical to any and all comprehensive evaluations of business opportunities involving industrial botanical activities.

Steven earned a B.Sc. in Biochemistry and Human Nutrition with independent work in Pharmacognosy (the study of naturally occurring drugs) from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, and a doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a minor in Pharmacology from the University of Arizona, Tucson, where he was the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education Edwin Leigh Newcomb Memorial Fellow. He has focused on botanical ingredient integrity throughout his career, which manifested in the corporate arena through multidisciplinary, interdepartmental, and interorganizational projects that included impacting regulatory language for aloe vera by the state of California. Steven’s key activities include connecting scientific investigations to finished product safety and substantiation of claims.

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