This award provides a means for recognizing the role a Section plays in advancing analytical excellence in the areas of food safety, food integrity, and public health, by bringing together members, organizations, and experts dedicated to developing and validating standards, methods, and technologies that are of relevance in the region and thereby help to achieve the vision, mission and goals of AOAC INTERNATIONAL. This award shall be given on an annual basis.

Selection Criteria

An active AOAC Section may be considered for this award based on criteria in one of the following four areas: Section activities, communication, recruitment and engagement, and community service.


The application may include a series of exceptional activities throughout the year or a single major activity. Sections must provide a description of each activity, including how many people participated, how it was funded, and what made it a success. Examples of such activities include:

  • Network/collaboration with the national/regional regulatory authorities, and how the Section had supported them in relation to AOAC’s scope.
  • Notable activities/events (e.g., webinars, training, learning resources, etc.), which contributed to achieve the vision, mission and goals of AOAC INTERNATIONAL.
  • Section initiated or conducted any standard development activities contributing to the Official Methods program.


The Section may provide a description of a successful communications plan or vehicle used to communicate with its members. Examples of these vehicles may include websites, newsletters, or electronic mailing list. The Section should describe their communication process/vehicle, the goal (i.e., fostering member engagement and facilitating marketing), and list the results of these efforts.

Recruitment and Engagement

The Section might have implemented a membership recruitment and retention program for its members and/or AOAC INTERNATIONAL members. The Section should describe the program, elements of the program, and results.

Community Service

Describe how the Section has made contributions to its communities through one major service project or a series of smaller projects.

Selection Panel

The Selection Panel will include a past member of the Committee on Sections, an AOAC Board Member, an AOAC past President, and two volunteer members of AOAC with section expertise. The Executive Director of AOAC INTERNATIONAL shall assign a member of the staff to serve as staff liaison.

Selection Process

  • Any AOAC Section will be eligible for this award.
  • All nomination forms must be received by the AOAC office by April 15. Any individual member may nominate a section for this award and any Sections may nominate themselves for this award.
  • When a nomination form is received by AOAC, staff will forward an application to the nominated Section Leadership to complete it based on the award selection criteria and return the application and all supporting documents to the AOAC office by May 15.
  • AOAC will forward all applications to the Selection Panel by May 20.
  • The selection process should be completed by May 30.
  • AOAC will use an established point system to rank the four areas of the Selection Criteria (a) Section Activities; (b) Section’s Communication Channels; (c) Section Recruitment; (d) Community Service.
  • The final selection will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for approval.


  1. The award will be conferred to the entire Section.
  2. A plaque in recognition of the Section’s achievement will be presented during the AOAC Annual Meeting and Exposition Awards Ceremony
  3. The Section’s achievement will be promoted at the AOAC Annual Meeting, during the Committee on Sections Meeting, in AOAC publications, on the AOAC website and in social media.
  4. Members of the Section will be provided “Section of the Year” ribbons at the AOAC Annual Meeting and Exposition.
  5. The winner may opt to give a presentation of their winning submission at the AOAC Annual Meeting and Exposition to be decided each year based on the program schedule.
  6. Two complimentary one-year AOACI memberships, including Official Methods of Analysis online, which must be awarded to a non-AOAC INTERNATIONAL member and a student within the local Section area.

2021 Award

AOAC INTERNATIONAL is pleased to announce the AOAC India Section (AOACI) as the 2021 Section of the Year. Learn more >