TDRM Award

The Technical Division on Reference Materials (TDRM) Award recognizes contributions and encourages active participation of TDRM members. Recipients receive a plaque at the AOAC Annual Meeting awards ceremony. The award is presented annually unless no suitable candidate is identified.

Nominees should be a TDRM member scientist or scientific group that has:

  • Made an outstanding contribution to the use of reference materials in a unique or unusual manner or to the development of reference materials for laboratory use, or
  • Promoted the use of reference materials through lecturers, papers, personal contacts, and/or meetings leading to the achievement of improved science.

To nominate a TDRM Award candidate, submit a maximum 500-word justification statement detailing the nominee’s unique or significant contribution. Two additional support letters may also be included.

Nominations are reviewed by a committee of TDRM members consisting of the Chair, Vice Chair, and three other appointed members.

TDRM Student Award

The AOAC INTERNATIONAL Inés Cereijo Technical Division on Reference Materials (TDRM) Award is offered annually to both undergraduate and graduate students at any college or university to support students promoting awareness of the need for method performance evaluation early in a chemist’s career, through the use of reference materials.

The winner will receive a cash prize of $1,000 USD and funding support to attend the AOAC Annual Meeting & Exposition for up to four nights. Funding amounts are dependent on commitments by the award sponsor(s) and are subject to change. Updates will be made prior to application requests.

Because not all colleges have research facilities, nominees are evaluated based on a report describing either the use of a reference material for method performance evaluation or the development of a new reference material. 

Submissions should detail use of a reference material for a specific application, such as method performance evaluation or method validation, or the development of a reference material to fit a new or existing need. Learn more or submit an application.

For more information, please email Constance Bahr, AOAC TDRM Staff Liaison, or call +1 (301) 924-7077, ext. 143.

Award Recipients

TDRM Award

2014Stephen A. Wise
2013Joseph M. Betz
2012Pieter Scheelings
2011Michael A. Quilliam
2010Donna L. Zink
2009Hendrik Emons
2008Prapasri Puwastien
2007Katherine E. Sharpless
2005Milan Ihnat
2004J. Pauwels
2003Jennifer C. Colbert
2002Elwood Caldwell
2001James T. Tanner
2000Wayne R. Wolf

TDRM Student Award

2023Andres F. Ortega
2021Matilde Portnoy
2018Grace E. Hahm
2015Lynn X. Zhang
2013Wenjing Li
2012Larissa V. Di Marzo
2008Kittiya Muaksang
2006Pearse McCarron