AOAC Members are the heart of our organization. Together, we are a group of highly trained experts in our fields and provide our knowledge and experience to make this world a safer place.

Membership and active participation in AOAC INTERNATIONAL is an opportunity for professionals to demonstrate their dedication to analytical excellence.  AOAC offers both individual and organizational memberships.

Individual Membership

Individual members include laboratory managers, analytical chemists, microbiologists, toxicologists, forensic scientists, management executives and much more. Individual Memberships are held in the name of the individual, not the organization they work for, and are non-transferable. Learn more

Organizational Membership

Organizational members include corporations, government agencies, and academic institutions. Organizational Memberships are held in the name of the organization and individual member benefits are transferable. Learn more

Student Membership

AOAC’s Student Membership program is designed to give students the opportunity to engage with AOAC INTERNATIONAL and leaders in the field to develop careers dedicated to analytical excellence.  Student Memberships are held in the name of the individual, not the university they attend, and are non-transferable. Learn more

Technical Divisions

AOAC’s technical divisions with programs and activities tailored to meet the needs of key communities by providing a forum for networking and collaboration within two areas, Laboratory Management and Reference Materials. To join AOAC’s Technical Divisions, you must be a current Individual, Student or Organizational member with AOAC. There is a small fee.


AOAC encompasses 17 sections worldwide, representing four continents and over 90 countries outside of the United States. Sections provide opportunities for participants to share information, build professional contacts, expand leadership skills and gain practical management experience.  Learn more

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