Individual Membership FAQs

How long does it take to activate my membership?

If you join or renew online, your account will be activated by close of business on the next business day. If you join by phone or mail, activation can take up to five business days.

Is the Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL included with my membership?

The online version of the Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL is included with membership. Members also receive discounted pricing on a print subscription of the Journal.

Is my membership transferable?

Individual Memberships are non-transferable and are held in the individual’s name, not the organization they work for. Please view individual membership terms and conditions. Individual Memberships bundled as part of an Organizational Membership are transferable within the organization.

Do I need a membership to access OMA online?

No. Members receive significant discounts for OMA online, but non-members may purchase a subscription.

Can I renew my membership for multiple years?

Yes, you can. Please contact AOAC Customer Service and we will be happy to handle this for you.

When will I receive my welcome membership packet and membership card?

You will receive your membership packet along with your membership card in approximately 3–4 weeks.

How can I qualify for the Developing Nation discount?

Any individual whose primary legal country of residence is included in the List of Developing Countries in the World Development Report published by the World Bank is eligible for the Developing Nation member discount. Please contact Customer Service to request Developing Country pricing.

How can I qualify for the Retiree discount?

Any current Member who is no longer actively engaged, directly or indirectly, in a field relevant to the purpose of the Association but who has served the Association as a Member for at least ten (10) years shall be eligible for Retired Member status upon written request.

Organizational Membership FAQs

What is the Organizational Membership “Primary Representative?”

The Primary Representative is the primary contact for your Organizational Membership. This person is responsible for:

  • receiving and submitting renewal payments
  • working with the designated AOAC team member to make additions and changes to the organization’s AOAC membership roster
  • communicating pertinent information to the organization’s AOAC membership roster

What is the organization’s AOAC Membership Roster?

The organizational AOAC Membership Roster is a list of your individual member representatives.

How can I make changes to my OM Roster?

You can make changes to your Roster at any time via the online form. If you plan a complete review with major changes to your roster, the preferred time is when your organization is up for renewal.

Who is my designated AOAC Team Member?

To better serve our organizational members, we have designated a Customer Service team member to work specifically with your organization.

 Company Name Starts WithAOAC Team Member
#’s and A-KNatasha Williams
L-ZMaurice Green