The Technical Division on Reference Materials (TDRM) focuses on improving the quality of analytical measurements through the correct use of reference materials in methods validation.

The Technical Division on Reference Materials (TDRM) recommends policy and criteria to facilitate development and use of reference materials in validation, implementation, and use of AOAC methods.

Members have the opportunity to work collaboratively with each other, stay up to date on the availability of reference materials, attend the annual meeting of the Technical Division, and participate in round robin projects.

The AOAC Technical Division on Reference Materials database provides easy access to data on reference materials based on analyte or analyte/matrix information meeting the needs of the analyst. 

Annual Meetings of the TDRM membership are held during the AOAC INTERNATIONAL Annual Meeting & Exposition. The Technical Division on Reference Materials Executive Committee meets more frequently. TDRM publishes a quarterly newsletter that is emailed to all TDRM members.  

Activities include organization and sponsorship of topical conferences and symposia, including the International Symposium on Biological and Environmental Reference Materials (BERM).

TDRM maintains close liaison with the Official Methods Board (and possible other method governing bodies) and the Laboratory Quality Assurance Committee within AOAC INTERNATIONAL to address issues and policies on reference materials in AOAC Programs. 

TDRM sponsors two awards, a Student Award raising awareness of the need for method performance evaluation at an early point in a chemist’s career, and the TDRM Award, recognizing contributions of members.

To join a Technical Division, you must be a current Individual, Student, or Organizational member with AOAC. Log into your membership profile page, add the Technical Division you are interested to your cart, and check out. Fees are:

  • Technical Division on Reference Materials (TDRM): $20 USD annually
  • Technical Division for Laboratory Management (TDLM): $20 USD annually

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