The purpose of the William Horwitz Award, established to honor a lifetime of accomplishments and dedication to AOAC by Dr. Horwitz, is to continue to honor individuals who, during lifetimes of dedication and commitment, have been exemplary in their efforts to carry out the principles and ensure the accomplishment of the goals espoused by AOAC INTERNATIONAL. This award is intended to recognize extraordinary service to the Association and as such is the highest award bestowed upon the selected volunteer.


  • Nominee has a record of activity in AOAC INTERNATIONAL for at least 25 years.
  • Nominee should have, through sustained involvement, made the Association an integral part of his or her professional commitment; nominee should be identified with special, innovative, or creative programs that enhance the Association’s value to its members and promote recognition of AOAC and its mission worldwide; nominee should have, through leadership and example, nurtured young professionals and inspired future leaders in the Association.
  • Nominee’s accomplishments and influence go beyond what is expected of the average member, have a lasting impact on the Association and are so significant that the recipient’s worthiness to receive the award is clearly evident.


  • Nominations will be accepted on an on-going basis. They may be submitted by any Individual Member of AOAC INTERNATIONAL.
  • Nominations are to be submitted to AOAC and must include a written description, in detail, of the nominee’s contributions to AOAC INTERNATIONAL.
  • The nomination must be accompanied by endorsement of at least 25 members of AOAC INTERNATIONAL in addition to the nominator.
  • Selection of the award recipient requires unanimous approval by the full Board of Directors.
  • The intent is for this award to be granted rarely – not on a regular basis.


  • The award recipient shall receive free lifetime membership in AOAC INTERNATIONAL with all of the rights and privileges of a Member, an award bearing an appropriate testimonial to be presented at the Annual Meeting, and, if needed, all expenses (in accordance with AOAC INTERNATIONAL travel policy guidelines) incident to attending the Annual Meeting where the award is to be presented.
  • Whenever an awardee is chosen, the name of the awardee, with a supporting article, shall be published in the next available issue of Inside Laboratory Management and the Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL and otherwise appropriately publicized.