April 26, 2022

The Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL is seeking a section editor for the Drug Formulations section. The qualified applicant should:

  • have an employment situation which allows him/her time to perform Journal duties
  • have a thorough knowledge, acquired through education and work experience, of basic concepts and trends in the subject area
  • be professionally active in the subject section
  • have credibility and visibility with reviewers and authors
  • have excellent communication skills, and
  • be a member of AOAC INTERNATIONAL.

The Drug Formulations section focuses on analytical methods used to identify and analyze pharmaceutical ingredients and products. Concerns that are secondary include the analysis of chemicals and products related to pharmaceutical excipients and dietary supplements. The scope spotlights modern analytical methodologies and technologies and, at the same time, provides opportunities to include some basic methodologies for assisting less developed countries in screening and guarding against any substandard and counterfeit drugs in their areas and marketplaces. Biological work and dosage form performance testing and studies are outside the scope of this section. Contact Jennifer Diatz, director of publications, [email protected].