August 28, 2019

Analytical science leaders interested in focusing attention on new work in their fields have a unique opportunity in the Journal of AOAC. Each issue features one to two Guest Edited collections of papers solicited and curated by external experts. Guest Editors contact us to propose a topic, then recruit authors and manage the peer-review process to spotlight new science in the Journal.

In the September/October Journal, Guest Editors Bert Popping and Carmen Diatz-Amigo of FOCOS, present 11 papers on Mass Spectrometry: Status Quo in Food Allergen and Food Authenticity Applications. A second collection of papers is guest edited by Salvatore Parisi of Al Balqa’ Applied University. It includes eight papers on Analysis of Major Phenolic Compounds in Foods and Their Health Effects. These papers can be read online prior to publication on our pre-print webpage.