ALACC Method Verification

How to Meet ISO 17025 Requirements for Method Verification

SMPR 2018.009

Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPR) for Lactose in Low-Lactose or Lactose-Free Milk, Milk Products, and Products Containing Dairy Ingredients

SMPR 2018.010

Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPR) for Screening and Indentification Method for Regulated Veterinary Drug Residues in Food


The Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL ℠ helps you discover the latest in basic and applied research in analytical sciences related to foods, drugs, agriculture, the environment, and more.

Official Methods of Analysis 2019

Official Methods of Analysis℠ (OMA) is the most comprehensive and reliable collection of chemical and microbiological methods and consensus standards available. Order now

Inside Laboratory Management

AOAC’s Inside Laboratory Management (ILM) magazine provides vital news and information from AOAC and the analytical community.

Final Action Methods – ERP Orientation

AOAC First Action Method Updates and Tracking – Expert Review Panel Tracking and Recommendations of First Action Methods (PDF)

First Action Methods – ERP Orientation

AOAC Expert Review Panels – An Orientation (PDF)

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