Privacy Policy

AOAC INTERNATIONAL (AOAC) is committed to honoring the privacy of our members and those who visit our website and procure our products and services. This privacy policy is meant to help you understand how we collect, use, and protect your information and your privacy rights.

Anti-Trust Policy

It is the policy of AOAC INTERNATIONAL (AOAC) and its members to comply strictly with all laws applicable to AOAC activities. Because AOAC activities frequently involve collaborative efforts and meetings where competitors may be present, it is important to emphasize the ongoing commitment of our members and AOAC to full compliance with national and other antitrust laws. This statement is a reminder of that commitment and should be used as a general guide for AOAC and related individual activities and meetings.

The following policy and guidelines for the use of the name, initials, and other identifying insignia of AOAC INTERNATIONAL (AOAC) have been developed in order to protect the reputation, image, legal integrity, and property of the Association.

While it is not the intention of AOAC INTERNATIONAL (AOAC) to restrict the personal, professional, or proprietary activities of AOAC members nor to preclude or restrict participation in Association affairs solely by reason of such activities, it is the sense of AOAC that conflicts of interest or even the appearance of conflicts of interest on the part of AOAC volunteers should be avoided.

This Meeting Code of Conduct Policy (Policy) is intended to set clear expectations of professional behavior of individuals participating in an AOAC INTERNATIONAL (AOAC) meeting or event and related activities (Event), whether virtual or in person, to ensure ethical, professional, and inclusive conduct that provides a safe and welcoming environment for an open exchange of ideas. This Policy applies to all participants of AOAC events which includes organizers, attendees, speakers, volunteers, sponsors, exhibitors, partners, award recipients, guests, staff, outside contractors, and service providers.