Friday, August 26, 2022

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8:30 AMAnalytical Solutions Forum Plenary SessionThe opening session of the Analytical Solutions Forum will feature short presentations as part of a roundtable discussion on the importance of internationally recognized compendial methods in a broad array of areas pertaining to food safety, food integrity and public health.  Panelists include Dr. William Shaw (USDA/FSIS), Dr. Robert Tauxe (Div. of Foodborne, Waterborne, and Environmental Disease U.S. CDC), Dr. Francesco Branca (Department of Nutrition and Food Safety, WHO), Mr. Jesús Rafael Avila Julio, SENASICA, Mexico), and Ms Tran Tang, (Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment-Australia).
10:30AMOpen Discussion with Analytical Solutions Forum Steering CommitteeAnalytical Solutions Forum Steering Committee Members will share insights into new challenges emerging within their respective stakeholder communities and where AOAC INTERNATIONAL can collaborate on analytical solutions.
1:00 PMAOAC Core Program ForecastingThe AOAC Senior Directors for Standards and Official Methods (Deborah McKenzie), the Research Institute (Scott Coates) and the Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program (Shane Flynn) will provide their vision for future expansion of AOAC activities within their respective programs to meet stakeholder interests.
3:00 PMTrans-fatty Acids in Foods: Testing Needs to Meet New Global StandardsThis ASF-sponsored session is a follow-up to a two-day expert consultation between AOAC subject matter experts and representatives from the Department of Nutrition and Food Safety, World Health Organization. An overview of the issues and roadblocks to method development will be offered along with a discussion on a path forward for standards and compendial methods adoption using AOAC’s processes.  

Saturday, August 27, 2022

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8:00AMSPIFANThe AOAC Stakeholder Program on Infant Formula & Adult Nutritionals (SPIFAN) session will feature a presentation by Dr. Jeremy Gauthier (Mabury Group) on approaches to determining fluoride.  Other features of the session are updates on method alignment activities with the AOAC China Section, ISO, International Dairy Federation (IDF), and the latest on Codex activities. Chair: Darryl Sullivan (Eurofins US) and presenters include Dr. Cheng-Zhu Liang (AOAC China Section); Dr. Erik Konings (Société Produits des Nestlé), Dr. Marcel deVreeze (NEN, ISO), Aurélie Dubois (IDF), and Dr. Steve Holroyd (Fonterra, IDF). 
8:00AMSPADAThe AOAC Stakeholder Program on Agent Detection Assays (SPADA): Come and hear updates on the latest draft standards for next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies for detection of biological agents and subsequent validation guidance needed for these methods.  Learn about IT based principles of FAIR for managing metadata. Participate in providing comments on the draft SMPR.   Featuring:  Dr. Linda Beck (JRAD), Dr. Michael Sussman (USDA AMS), Dr. Sharon Brunelle (AOAC), Dr. Luana Sales (GO-FAIR Brazil Office) and Dr.  Shanmuga Sozhamannan (US DOD, DBPAO, JPEO, JPL, CBRND, EB) 
11:00AMMeeting New Testing Challenges for Heavy Metals in FoodsAOAC hosts a thought leader session to discuss the applicability of current standard method performance requirements for heavy metals in foods considering the focus on lower regulatory limits worldwide. 
1:00 PMFAMOver the past three (3) years, the AOAC Food Authenticity Methods (FAM) Program has developed 13 standard method performance requirements for nontargeted testing, targeted testing and molecular testing approaches.  This session will address the gaps by looking at ideas on building a generic SMPR, authentic samples, and training and education and lay the foundation for future efforts. Featuring: Bert Popping, John Spink, Arne Dübecke, Sharon Brunelle 
2:00PMCASPThe Cannabis Analytical Science Program (CASP) Come hear updates on the CASP Advisory Panel activities, launch of the AOAC Cannabis Proficiency Testing Program, ALACC guidelines for cannabis testing, and the standards being developed in the working groups.  Learn about CANNRA from Dr. Gillian Schauer’s featured presentation.  Featured speakers:  Susan Audino (Audino & Associates), Gillian Schauer (CANNRA); Sherman Hom (Medicinal Genomics), Julia Bramante (Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment), Julie Kowalski (JA Kowalski Science), and Holly Johnson (AHPA). 

Sunday, August 28, 2022

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8:00AMAIMSThe AOAC International Methods and Standards (AIMS) program:  In this working session, working group members will continue developing generic criteria for foodborne viruses, nonculturable bacteria.  Working group co-chairs, Erin Crowley (Q Laboratories) and Morgan Wallace (Rheonix), are using this session as a working session that will include presentations by Dr. Jacquelina Woods (US FDA) on the genetic diversity of HAV and Norovirus and Dr. Alex da Silva (US FDA) on the genetic taxonomy of Cyclospora as the working group considers inclusivity and exclusivity panels for these microorganisms. 
8:00AMGFAThe AOAC Gluten and Food Allergen Program (GFA): Come and learn about the updates on the draft validation guidance for both food allergen and gluten assays.   Learn and participate in the discussion on statistics estimate approaches, their uses and how they inform end user interpretation. Featuring Gluten Working Group Chair, Dr. Laura Allred (GIG) and Food Allergens Working Group Chair, Dr. Melanie Downs (University of Nebraska, FARRP). 
11:00AMBDSIPThe AOAC Botanical and Dietary Supplement Integrity Program (BDSIP): Moderated by Darryl Sullivan, come and learn various stakeholder perspectives on the varying challenges in the botanical and dietary supplement space and ways to meet them.  Featured speakers: Dr. Darcy Gentleman (USP), Dr. Holly Johnson (AHPA), Allyn Shultis (GRMA and GRMA Product Integrity Committee), Dr. Mohamed Koroma (Pharmavite), Dr. Yanjun Zhang (Herbalife), and Mr. Darryl Sullivan (Eurofins) 
12:00PMNovel Remote Sensing Techniques and Detection Applications to Monitor Marine BiotoxinsSome species of algae produce toxins that are harmful to ecosystems and organisms. These algal toxins impact humans through contamination of seafood products when the toxins move through the food web. This ASF-sponsored session will explore the emerging field of environmental DNA (eDNA) metabarcoding to illustrate the capacity and promise of such remote sensing applications in fishery and wildlife monitoring and surveillance programs.  

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

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8:00AMStandards and Method Conformity Assessment OrientationThis session introduces the AOAC standards and method program processes.  This session will feature current and new information for standards and methods along with and expectations for volunteers, method authors, AOAC sections, and anyone interested in the processes a method can go through in the Official MethodsSM, Performance Tested MethodsSM, and Reviewed and RecognizedSM programs for approval.