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An expert in the analysis of chemical residues and contaminants in food, Katerina Mastovska is currently a chief scientific officer at Eurofins U.S. Food Division and a technical and industrial director for pesticides within the Operational Best Practices Program at Eurofins Scientific.

She specializes in the application of gas and liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry for identifying and measuring pesticide residues and other contaminants in food. Mastovska has contributed improvements to the widely used QuEChERS analytical methodology and applications, developed new methods for analyzing veterinary drug residues and contaminants in food, implemented state-of-the-art technology for routine analytical use, and authored pioneering methodology for measuring cannabinoids in cannabis.

A member of AOAC INTERNATIONAL since 2004, Mastovska has chaired or contributed to more than 20 AOAC ERPs, working groups, and stakeholder panels. She has been a member of the AOAC Official Methods Board (OMB). From 2011 to 2016, Mastovska led the AOAC Analytical Community on Chemical Residues and Contaminants and served as study director for the AOAC collaborative study on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in seafood as an emergency response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. She received the AOAC Study Director of the Year award for this work, and the method became an AOAC Final Action Official MethodSM in 2014. She has collaborated on or authored an additional four AOAC Official Methods of AnalysisSM.

In addition to numerous governmental and academic awards, Mastovska has received eight achievement awards from AOAC, including the Fellow of AOAC INTERNATIONAL Award and the 2021 Harvey W. Wiley Award, the Association’s highest honor for lifetime scientific achievement.

She is author or coauthor of more than 60 peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, and monographs in the field of chemical residue and contaminant analysis. Her publications have been highly cited in the field.

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