February 18, 2020

On February 13, 2020, AOAC’s Laboratory Proficiency Testing (PT) program learned that its accreditation has been extended to include testing capabilities for 20 new analytes in the Vitamins and Nutrients in Infant Formula and Adult Nutritionals focus area. The PT program’s Meat Chemistry program and Cheese Chemistry Program has also expanded with the addition of pH as an analyte.

AOAC’s Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program helps labs compete in the global marketplace by demonstrating that through participation they meet the highest international standards for accuracy, reliability, and compliance. It is accredited by A2LA to perform independent assessments of laboratories’ data accuracy and reliability for a range of analytes and matrices in focus areas including standard microbiology, pathogen-free microbiology, meat microbiology, cheese chemistry, pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables, salmonella in liquid egg, and vitamins and nutrients in infant formula and adult nutritionals. Learn more >

Data submitted to A2LA was reviewed and approved as meeting ISO/IEC 17043:2010, “Conformity assessment-General Requirements for Proficiency testing” in the additional analyte/matrix combinations. The new capabilities will provide an expanded menu of proficiency testing options for laboratories needing proof of proficiency in testing nutrients in infant formula, meat and cheese. The IF01 Program includes both water soluble and oil soluble vitamins as well as fatty acids, nucleotides, and selenium.

The new accreditation includes the following analytes:

Water Soluble Vitamins:

  •                 Vitamin B1
  •                 Vitamin B2
  •                 Vitamin B3
  •                 Vitamin B6
  •                 Vitamin B12
  •                 Pantothenic Acid (B5)
  •                 Vitamin C
  •                 Biotin
  •                 Folic Acid

Oil Soluble Vitamins:

  •                 Vitamin A
  •                 Vitamin D, D2, D3
  •                 Vitamin E
  •                 Vitamin K

Other Nutrients:

  •                 Fatty Acids
  •                 Iodine
  •                 Myo‐inositol
  •                 Nucleotides

Ultratrace Minerals (Selenium)