February 23, 2021

AOAC INTERNATIONAL is launching an Expert Review Panel (ERP) for Food Authenticity Methods – Honey, Olive Oil, and Milk to review submitted candidate methods for adoption and published as Official Methods of Analysis of AOAC INTERNATIONAL. AOAC is actively recruiting international volunteers with experience and expertise to serve on this ERP. Membership in this ERP is an opportunity to participate and lend your expertise and experience to the AOAC Official MethodsSM Program in evaluating methods for the analysis of honey, olive oil, and milk for economically motivated adulterants. If you are a subject matter expert and are interested in volunteering on this AOAC ERP, please complete the application below.

Current Scope of the Aoac Expert Review Panel for Food Authenticity Methods – Honey, Olive Oil & Milk

AOAC has issued a Call for Method Information for prospective method authors to submit their plans for validation of methods purported to meet one or more of the AOAC consensus Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPRs®) for nontargeted testing and targeted testing for honey, extra virgin olive oil, and milk (six SMPRs). The ERP will review and endorse acceptable method validation schemes and subsequently will evaluate validated candidate methods and validation manuscripts for adoption as Official Methods of Analysis using one or more of the SMPRs.

Eligibility for Expert Review Panel Membership

All applications will be screened and submitted to the AOAC Official Methods Board who will vet the candidates and form the ERP roster. Ideal candidates for ERP Membership must:

  1. Submit an application including brief statement of experience and a two (2) page CV or resume
  2. Have experience and/or expertise in at least one of the following, but not limited to:
    • Analysis of economically adulteration in food or feed
    • Analytical chemistry methodology for analysis of foods, pharmaceuticals, and chemical products
    • Analytical method development for nontargeted testing or targeted testing for honey, olive oil and/or milk
    • Analytical method validation
    • Current research on adulteration of honey, olive oil, or milk
    • Varying analytical techniques related to assess adulteration of honey, olive oil, or milk
    • Food Science

Deadline for submissions is ongoing.