September 27, 2021

On September 2, 2021, the Latin American-Caribbean Section elected members of its executive committee, identified priority areas of interest, and established technical working groups for each. In addition, planning for the Section’s conference in Lima, Peru, in 2022, is underway.

Initial meetings and surveys indicated that stakeholders in the Latin American-Caribbean region were interested in participating in Section activities and working together on defining methods and standards impacting the region.

Nuri Gras Rebolledo, member of the AOAC Board of Directors, has been instrumental in the effort to revitalize the Section. She has worked with regional constituents, AOAC, and its members and volunteers to engage the Section to develop an active and dedicated membership base.

The September meeting focused on efforts to examine and identify needs and objectives of the region and form working groups to tackle each priority. Harmonized methods and standards topped the list. Survey results also showed interest in emerging issues, training of young scientists and students, and laboratory training and organization. Section leaders are establishing technical working groups for these top four initial areas of interest. The Section is also working on recruiting more members to strengthen and promote its activities.

The newly elected Section Executive Committee members, each serving two-year terms, are as follows:

  • President: Luis Alberto Fernández Anaya, Centro Toxicológico S.A.C (CETOX), Peru
  • Vice President: Fernando Silva, Nestlé Quality Assurance Center, Brazil
  • Secretary: Constanza Vergara, Achipia, Chile
  • Treasurer: Reddy Fortunato Campos Soto, CETOX, Peru

The 2022 Section’s Conference will provide a forum for representatives in the food arena, including government, industry, and academia, to network and share information, identify priority needs, and find analytical solutions to problems specific to the Section, such as food safety, public health, and trade. The meeting will focus on examining analytical issues, test methods available, gaps in methodology, and analytical trends, plus gaining consensus on prioritization of methods needs and more. In addition, efforts will focus on engaging current and new stakeholders to participate in Section activities.

For more information on the AOAC Latin American-Caribbean Section or to join its working groups, contact Nuri Gras Rebolledo at [email protected] or Luis Alberto Fernández Anaya at [email protected]. For more information on AOAC Sections, visit or contact May Rose Jones, AOAC Director of Membership, at [email protected].