September 8, 2021

The newest multi-year AOAC Integrated Science Program, Analytical International Methods and Standards (AIMS), was introduced in response to a recognized gap within the AOAC portfolio of science-based activities. This program is designed to provide standards for microbial pathogen detection that will incorporate novel and emerging technologies. At the AOAC 2021 Annual Meeting last week in Boston, attendees heard several presentations on the challenges posed by non-culturable food-borne pathogens (principally hepatitis A virus, Norovirus and Cyclospora cayetanensis); and industry and ISO perspectives on current detection, their shortcomings, and the need for validation criteria alignment. The session concluded with a thought-provoking discussion on the how AIMS can begin addressing these challenges.

AIMS is designed to address emerging microbial threats to food safety, deliver analytical solutions to capability gaps in laboratory testing, and develop standards for the use of cutting-edge diagnostic technologies and applications. AIMS will be guided by an Advisory Panel comprised of funding organizations to confirm priorities and working group objectives. AOAC is seeking support from organizations to commence program activities. If you are interested in supporting AIMS, please contact Palmer Orlandi, Ph.D. at [email protected].