February 23, 2021


AOAC INTERNATIONAL invites method authors and developers to submit relevant methods and plans for validation of candidate methods that may meet the any of the following Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPRs®):

AOAC invites method authors to submit their methods and validation plans; no fee required. Interested method authors or developers should provide a copy of their proposed candidate method along with complete validation plans for the method. The method must be in AOAC format as per the submission form below.

Submission Package Eligibility and Requirements

Submitted method validation plans must include the method in AOAC format, how the method will be validated, and the complete documentation of the collection and use of authentic samples.


For NTT methods: The SMPRs require that the scope of authentic samples will be the applicable scope of the NTT method and expansion of the scope is possible with the inclusion of additional authentic samples into the baseline calibration, and validation using the protocol listed in this SMPR.  

For TT methods:  The SMPRs require that the scope of the TT method will be defined by the authentic samples and or reference standard material (if available) that were used in validating the method

The submission package will be reviewed by an AOAC Expert Review Panel (ERP). The ERP will also review subsequently validated candidate methods for adoption as AOAC Official Methods of Analysis. Methods adopted by the Expert Review Panel will be published as First Action status in the Official Methods of Analysis of AOAC INTERNATIONAL.

AOAC Consulting Service

AOAC also offers a fee for service, AOAC Consulting Service. Using this service, AOAC assigns a technical consultant to work with the method author and AOAC experts to draft the validation protocol and it will undergo an expert review panel approval process that includes review by a member of the Committee on Statistics and a safety review. If you are interested in this fee for service, please complete the application form above and email Deborah McKenzie at [email protected] and inform her that you are interested in AOAC assigning a technical consultant to your application.

Additional Resources

  • Author Instructions for Official Methods and Manuscripts is available to assist method authors in formatting candidate methods and method manuscripts. 2. AOAC Consulting Services is available to draft validation testing protocols, format methods and manuscripts for the OMA program. Application fees apply for this service. To use Consulting Service for OMA, contact Deborah McKenzie at [email protected].