AOAC Expert Review Panels (ERPs) are responsible for adopting candidate methods as First Action Official Methods and making recommendations for Final Action status to the AOAC review board.

ERPs are composed of qualified subject matter experts representing various perspectives. ERP candidates are obtained via a Call for Experts from AOAC. Potential expert reviewers are vetted by the AOAC Official Methods Board, and if selected undergo orientation to be fully prepared to review First Action or Final Action Methods.

Expert Review Panel Members are held to a high professional and ethical standard and must agree to the AOAC INTERNATIONAL Antitrust Policy; AOAC INTERNATIONAL Policy on The Use of the Association, Name, Initials, Identifying Insignia, Letterhead, and Business Cards; and AOAC INTERNATIONAL Policy and Procedures on Volunteer Conflict of Interest.

ERP review process

AOAC facilitates and coordinates the ERP review of each method against collaborative study protocols and/or Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPRs) submitted with the method. Method author(s) are invited to present their method during Expert Review Panel sessions and to respond to comments. 

ERPs meet in person at least twice per year, at the AOAC Mid‐Year meeting (DC metro area) and the AOAC Annual Meeting. During these meetings, the ERP may require changes and/or revisions to the manuscript to be updated in real-time. At the conclusion of their review of the method, the ERP will render a decision to either grant or withold AOAC First Action Official MethodsSM status.

First Action AOAC Official Methods ℠ Status

Once methods receive AOAC First Action Official MethodsSM status, they are published in the Official Methods of Analysis of AOAC INTERNATIONAL and full manuscripts are published in the Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL. Method status changes are published in the AOAC Inside Laboratory Management magazine.

Final Action AOAC Official Methods ℠ Status

Within two years of a method receiving First Action status, the reviewing ERP analyzes feedback on the method’s performance and either requests a continuance or submits a recommendation to the AOAC Official Methods Board (OMB) for adoption as a Final Action Method. The ERP may also recommend repeal of First Action or Final Action Official MethodSM status. The final decision on any recommendation is made by the AOAC Official Methods Board.