Markus Lacorn is a Research & Development department head deputy, overseeing all internal and external validation studies on R-Biopharm products from the food and feed area. His interdisciplinary team works collaboratively to validate products prior to launch.

He also works for and within various approval bodies such as AOAC and ICC to achieve external certifications for R-Biopharm products and represents the perspective of method developers within key groups such as AOAC, ICC, Eurachem, OIV, ISO, CEN, DIN, and Codex Alimentarius.

Prior to working in validation only, Markus was the department head within the R&D department for food and feed analysis at R-Biopharm, developing immunodiagnostic products for natural toxins, allergens, gluten, microbiology, and antibiotics.

He received a master’s degree from Hamburg University (Germany) in food chemistry, working on natural steroid hormone contents in food. His doctoral thesis was about biomarkers of anthropogenic stressors in a marine flatfish. During an 8-year post-doctoral phase, he worked at the University of Hohenheim (Germany) on animal physiology as the head of the laboratory for HPLC, ELISA, RIA, and enzymatic measurements and gave lectures on analytical chemistry.

Markus has more than 40 peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, and several professional presentations. In addition to serving on various working groups within AOAC, CEN, and ISO, he serves as a member of the AOAC Official Methods Board.

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