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AOAC’s Stakeholder Program on Infant Formula and Adult Nutritionals (SPIFAN) is dedicated to developing consensus-based standards and methods to make infant formula and adult nutritionals safer for babies and adults to consume.

SPIFAN is dedicated to developing consensus-based standards and methods to address issues that most impact the industry that supplies formulas for infants and special medical purposes (adult nutritionals). SPIFAN standards and methods provide critical guideposts to regulators and industry.

Scope and Objectives

  • Publishing Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPRs) and AOAC Official Methods.
  • Facilitating review and evaluation of SPIFAN methods by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Dairy Federation (IDF), and AOAC review of ISO/IDF methods.
  • Facilitating joint submission, review, and evaluation of AOAC SPIFAN methods for consideration as Codex Type II methods (i.e., international reference methods).

AOAC partners with the Infant Nutrition Council of America (INCA) on SPIFAN activities and signed a new agreement with INCA in October 2018.

Working Groups

Since its inception in 2011, SPIFAN has created 28 working groups and adopted 26 published SMPRs, 24 First Action Official Methods, and 20 Final Action Official Methods. See all working groups.

Get Involved

SPIFAN is powered by the experts on the stakeholder panel and the submitters of methods related to infant formula and adult nutritionals.

For scientists, participating in SPIFAN provides the opportunity to be on the front lines of methods development and standardization in the nutritionals space and to interact with like-minded colleagues at various stages of their careers.

For companies, supporting SPIFAN makes a direct contribution to product safety, and simultaneously demonstrates corporate commitment to the advancement of method science.